Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Married Man (last say)

I was vegetating in front of my PC note book last night, totally blank, no clues at all of what to blog about,(dont tell me it doesnt happen to you) then i remembered a pledge that i made to myself when i started blogging, that is to at least to put up 4 to 6 posts everyweek. While i was still drawing blank, i visited another blogger friend's site, i was all zest up again. Thinking to myself i have another say in my Married Man so called episode.

Hey married man, think about it, when was the last time we said"thank you" and showing our appreciation to our wife? Sometimes we man really have to be lesser a man to be a man to appreciate our wife.

When i think of my wife(working), who rushes back from work and prepares food for us, washing up the dishes, thereafter attending to the children, do i say "my dear thank you" . I too am guilty of it, dont get me wrong, i do help out the house chores, but the fact that our wife deserves the appreciation speaks volume.

It is easy to do house chores like cleaning up, but to prepare meals really cracks your mind, imaging my wife thinking early for the dishes she has to cook for the evening, to make sure that the dishes that she cooks would whet our apetites is a no nonsense job. Therefore to extend a simple "thank you" is not too much to ask from us the married man. (thank you my dear)

I can be sure she gets tired sometimes if not a lot of times, and i just want to make her know that i appreciate her alot

P/S , my dear you dont have to be kylie kwong or angella, your cooking is the tastiest of all

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  1. for those lesser men who is on the verge of separating, this blog will do them some good... carry on blogging, man..