Thursday, July 10, 2008

Married Woman (prelude to salute)

It is hard to be a married woman, it is harder to be a working married woman and it is the hardest to be a working married woman with children. (salute no 1)

Met an ex female class mate of mine. (we are both 42 of age), i coudlnt believe what a great change she had turned herself into. The change that i thought to myself that's not of her own doing. She is a working mom with two school going children. My memory still serves me right, i reckon, during our schooling days, man i tell you she was the "bomb" she was the boys students "target" but now......(No further elaboration and description required)

She shared with me, she has to wake up about 6am during school days, prepare the children, send them to school and head straight to work. Back from work, cook, cleaning up and have to supervise children's school works, by the time when all is done, it is time again to pat the children to slumber. You see working married woman with children (WMWC, in short) never put themselves first, it is all for the family (salute no 2)

Jokingly i asked her if she is attending any yoga, aerobic or Ldancing classes or may be pampering herself to some facial treatments, she said yes, but there was many years ago, because now all her classes are replaced by children classes, tuition, mental arithmatics and music classes. Big chunk of her salary are spent there. You see again the WMWC are willing to forgo the enjoyment for their children. (salute no 3)

P/S . i believe the hand that rocks the crader rules the world. More sharing to come


  1. Thank you for knowing woman so well

  2. nice blog,,but i dont know if i hurt or what hehehe pls add me, already added you.

  3. thanks for being an understanding man cos u understand a woman really well... clap clap...haha