Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Married Man (1st installment)

I am in total agreement with the saying "you need to look good to feel good". looking good doesnt mean you have to be pompous or vain, in fact looking good will make you exude certain level of confidence and making you more inviting to people around you.

As a married man, a lot of us dont take "looking good" as an issue, we thought it was ok to be shabby, it was no issue of having protruding waistline,we fail to understand that looking good is a package that encompasses beauty and health, rather it is about owing a favour to ourselves and our spouses. If we cant even take good care of ourselves, what else can we do for our family.

I dont have to be Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp to look good, it is about me, about me having a healthy lifestyle, about me having a nice physique(sorry i am not there yet, will be there someday.) Looking good requires us to be more knowledgable(Because out the mouth, the man is told). We must learn to have a good sense of humour to look good too.

Seriously, i strongly believe looking good is also vital in a relationship, i can attest to it. If you are a couch potato, the chances are your spouse will also be one and sooner or later your children will follow suit.

You dont have to burn a big hole in your wallet to look good, sometimes simplicity can just do the trick. You dont have to adorn Hugo Boss or Georgio Armani's suits to look good, you dont have to visit high end gym to stay fit, neither do you have to wear Bell & Ross in order to look good.

P/S, Looking good simply means loving life

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  1. Wow...so u must be looking very good eh :) So true - we must always keep ourselves well-groomed, healthy, presentable - or at least, make the efforts to do so!