Monday, July 07, 2008

I am Getting Divorced (the epilogue)

Am i getting divorced? nope, not at all, or rather why should i, when i have found the one that i treasure and love, i may not be a good husband but i am willing to learn in order to turn myself into one.

Then why am i saying"i am getting divorced", it is just a reflection of my frustration, i am always being inundated with friends saying " i am getting divorced" I did some asking around from those getting divorced, to find out one or two things reason why people are getting divorced.

One thing apparent, i reckon as the main cause of divorce(just my opinion),is that we have begun to take our spouses for granted, we dont care about his or her feeling anymore, thus that leaves us with lesser communication. Restropectively, when we were lovers, things were so different,
he or she was the first person you wanted to see when you punched out from work, he or she was always on top of your priorities, you woudnt forget to ask him/her where she wanted to have for meals, you called so often untill his/her phone numbers overshadowed other numbers.
What'd happened now, we just dont bother anymore, the three little words " i love you" seems so hard to be spoken, the hug and cuddle seems so irritating. Two people living together but in different sphere. We make excuses that we are so bogged down with works and whatever not.
We dont see the beauty or the charm that we saw in them years ago, we tend to look at the flaws more than the goods in them now, little by little we build that wall that separates the two.

Another killer shot is, married couples are hardly romantic anymore. They have forgotten what being romantic is all about, they take intimate moments as mundane or worst still like another house chore. They dont look forward to spend intimate times together, they are dreadful as to perform the so called "duty", then romance is gradually lost, by then everything he or she does doestnt seem right. That's why in Singapore, Dr Love is so famous, people have lost their very human instinct as being romantic.

May be there are many other factors that could lead to a split, but as for me, i choose to love the one i chose. Let sprinkle some humour and spice into our married life.

P/S, the above is solely my personal thoughts and feelings, in no way i want to exert my thoughts into yours.

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  1. You're right, lots of couples do take things for granted. I know I just got married so things are still fresh and new but 5, 10 years down the road i'll still suprise my husband and take the trouble to do something romantic :) I think it's entirely up to an individual. Some people take the iniative, some don't.