Friday, July 04, 2008

I am Getting Divorced (part 2 )

Some are happily married, some are unhappily married. Some are happily unmarried, some are unhappily unmarried. Some says marriages are made in heaven, some says marriages are stone throw to the grave yard.

Has time really changed a man's or a woman's perpective towards marriage, why did couple make the wedding vow and not keeping it. Why is romance lost after years of marriage, why do men not staying faithful, or it is common now, for wives to stray too.

I need to apologize to a friend of mine who is getting married soon, when she read my posting in the blog, she got a shock, so surprised that of all men, me "getting divorced". I am so sorry Adelyn i didnt mean to shock you, i hope i did not give you phobia towards marriage.

There is one verse in a chinese song, that i love so much, 最浪漫的事, 是和你慢慢变老,which simply means "the most romantic event in life is to grow old gracefully with you". Whenever i see an old couple holding each other's hands walking, i used to tell my wife, this is what i want to do when i get old.

Sometimes it intrigues me in wanting to know, what really makes a marriage lasts, we can learn about so many others things, but we hardly learn about love and marriage, i am not an expert but i am a married man...

P/S. So to divorce i must,, sometimes words can fool us. My final say next

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