Thursday, July 03, 2008

I am Getting Divorced (part 1)

I am getting divorced, that's is final, i am getting separated, that's is for sure, i am calling it quit, that is ultimate.

Dont feel sad for me, dont worry for me, instead please wish me every success in getting my divorce, it is not the faults of others nor the flaws of hers. It is all about me, about me looking for changes in my life, about me taking other perpective towards my innerself, so the divorce came aptly.

I know if i didnt make this decision, my life will not be a happy one, so are my children and my wife. I dont live for myself anymore, i reckon, i have responsibilities, i know, that's why i need to make that separation.........

P/S .. please bear with me for the sequel

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  1. I don't know whom are u referring in this, but 100% is not YOU