Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I cant breath

Come on please give my privacy back to me. I cant read the newspaper, watch the TV news and listening to news from my car stereo in the presence of my sons anymore, i am so afraid they might ask me what the word SODxMY (you know the crime against Anwar) means out of thier wildest curiosity.

How can i explain to them that word, or shall i just blush them off telling them SODxMY is just another type of Origami, or may be another lastest product from Maggie Mee.

It is as if the government has nothing better to offer to the people, besides high cost of living, inflation, economy slowdown and whatever not.

May god restore our country with god fearing leaders, banish those who are corrupt and immoral.

P/S, Let us breathe the air that is fresh

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