Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What' love got to do with it?

问世间,情为何物is a favourite chinese cliche that is so intertwined with the meaning of what is love for? I really dont know much about love, nor can i dispense advice about love, i am not Dear Thelma nor am i Dear Prudie. But i can only draw on one conclusion, love is about you, and only you. If you choose to be fooled by love, so be it. If you decide to die for love, no one can stop you.
If you dwell in fantasy instead of reality, no one can stop you too. If you believe he can leave his wife for you, it is your choice.

I was having a supper coffee chat with a very good lady friend who happens to be divorced with two wonderful girls, she is webbed in the issue of love that i guess really shackles her, and draining her emotionally. The man involved,in my opinion is not worth crying or suffering for, but yet this lady friend of mine seems so helplessly entangled.

I told her the same, she is an adult who should be responsible for her own action, as much as i can understand and identify with her feeling,i insisted that her man is not worthy to the reasons best known to her. She is the onlyone that can help herself, she is the only one that can save herself from drowning in the sea of superficial love

I sincerely told her to divert her attention, care and love towards her two girs which in my opinion is worth every bit of her effort and sacrifice, be a great mother.

P/S, Like Karyn White sings it" I'm not a superwoman, i'm not that kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything ok.

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  1. What's love got to do with it? Love got a lot to do with us ladies...haha...yes, i think i understand yr lady fren's dilemma, esp being single, we tend to be vulnerable to new changes in our lives, but then after some time and some trials, we will grow wiser if not smarter..as the saying goes, love is blind..if she doesnt hv the heart to let go, she never will ...