Friday, June 27, 2008

A little poem for my wife

Loving you is my greatest joy
Being with you seems so nigh
For 12 great years, you have been my wife
I am proud to say, i have you as mine.

Our love is not made of fairy tales
It's from understanding, true love, we live to tell
We have ups and downs, that are sure to prevail
With your love, even life's greatest challenge shall be quelled

Thank you for the joy you have been giving me
Forgive me, for the time i made you angry
Through the space of time, i only pray for this
Let fate destines you will always be for me

This little poem, i dedicate to you
In gratitude of your love and boon
My love for you, shall always bloom
Through the ecplise of the sun and the moon


  1. How nice to somebody written such a nice poem. Your wife is the lucky one. 好 感 动!

  2. wah..very romantic .. how did yr wife react to yr poem? tell us frankly.. :)

  3. tks a lot. Lou Kong.
    Love u.

  4. beh tong!!!! think of some poor lonely people out there...