Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kiss the rain, Smell the roses

Depression is real. Depression is ubiquitous.Depression is unkind.Depression transcends gender, race and colour.

According to WHO's (world health organisation) report, Depression shall ascend itself to be world's No 2 killer by 2010, it is so scary, isnt it? Among 10 walking down the street, 6 to 7 person are likely to be inflicted by depression.

Depression is not a psychorpathic or psychorneurotic problems, it is a sickness, a health issue and a social issue, if not tackled, the effect is unimaginable.

Just look at us, day in and day out , we are faced with all kinds of stress, coming from all areas of our lives, money, job, relationship and etc. We cant slow down, or we are not allowed to slow down, we've got bills to foot, got so many and many things to settle, untill we fail to realize that our mental and pyhsical walls are gradually crumbling down.

Our human touch is decaying, we find it hard to have good friends to pour out our feelings, and seems that nobody is listening to us anymore. Husband and wife are not intimate anymore, because both are so tired when they get back, children feel that parents are exerting too much pressure on them, study, study and study.

We all have to be careful, slow it down, find them to exercise, be intimate with your spouse, be close to our children, smell the flowers, find a religion, do some charity

P/S , love yourself a liitle more, you are important

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  1. yes, it is true..depression might lead to suicide.. a lot of suicidal cases are due to stress and mental helps to release out n not to keeep everything inside us.. and sometimes depressed ppl nv give out signals..we dont know till something drastic happens...