Saturday, July 12, 2008

Married Man is for Running

Kind of sad and kind of excited as i read about the news that there would be a 26KM run to be held in Penang. I am all for running, i enjoy the freedom that entails from it, i dont have to have a running partner to run, i dont have to wait for a right time to run, neither do i have to have sophisticated gears to run.

My wife is not keen to run with me on this 26km run, because we will be running the 7km on the 3rd of August, and the 26km run is on the 10th of August, it is kind of short break from the 7km run. (this is the sad part)

To my fellow blog visitors, please wish me luck, ya?

P/S, If you have not run before, try it, you'll love it, i bet.


  1. enjoy is bliss when one gets to enjoy what they love doing.. all the best to u...

  2. all the best in your running..hope your muscles wont get sore since the rest between the two runs is kind of short..=p

  3. i'm too fat to run a marathon.
    but i wish you my share of luck okay?