Monday, July 14, 2008

Married Man and blogging

Just received a call from a lady friend, who happened to visit my blog, she was amused how i could be so engrossed in blogging. I told her i just needed to explore new frontier in the ICT world, if i dont do it now, maybe i would have problem catching up with my children in the future, i told her i must stay abreast in the know.

Speaking on the subject of blogging, there is one lesson i learnt from blogging that's akin to life's lesson. There is a famous saying that goes like this, "giving me is more blessed than taking" it is so true about blogging as well. We need to open up. we need to take the first step in visiting other blogs, we need to be truthful and sincere in what we write, we cant be selfish in wanting others visiting you first without you going there. We just need to be the first one to visit other blogs and be the first one to leave the comments there.

I am only a newbie or a novice in blogging, but i have come across quite a number of good bloggers whom i found to be sincere and we click in one way or the other. Sometimes blogging gives me a challenge to myself too in things like how do i increase my traffic, how do i make my blog more interesting, what do people want to read about, how do i stay afloat in blogging (because there are a lot who just died of in the spate of 6 months of so), it is no shame of me that an adult like me can learn so much from teenage bloggers too. Life is but a learning process.

P/S , dear my blog visitors, please let me know if you agree with me or otherwise.

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  1. Agree!

    People should not fear technology. Just like trying new food, you never know if you'll like it until you've actually tasted it.

    Life's too short to be chosy!