Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She aint heavy

She says she is calling it quit after 15 years of marriage. She says she has had enough.She says she is now 46, and she is looking out for her true happiness.

I care for her and i love her dearly but at first i just could not comprehend why is she doing all this, how could she walk out on a marriage after all these years, many have even percieved her negatively when she decided on this. Now i understand, i said to her i truly understand her, and i will support her with her decision like i said i care and i love her dearly.

For a good 15 years, she has suffered silently, just could'nt tell anybody, but despite her sorrow, she has always portrayed a strong and cheerful character, but no one knew it was tormenting for her.

I gave her a big hug the other day, when she was crying whilst sharing her thoughts with me. I wanted to make her know that she is not alone, she has got me, and i will assist her in anyway possible, as for me she is one wonderful woman.

I pray that her liberation shall come with joy and true happiness that she longs for after all these years.

P/S She aint heavy, she's my sister



  1. No matter u r a male or female, no one wants to be separated with his/her spouse, but when u look at those years which u have been contributed so well and yet u get nothing in return, I tell u, u will definately withdrawn. I really respect those especially female who can make up their mind to get off the rid.
    Support her in whatever her decision is.

  2. Yes, it takes alot of courage to find true happiness.

    humming... The road is long...~