Thursday, June 19, 2008

Compouding ourselves

My O2 phone went kaput the other day (which was given to me by my wife, which she bought for RM2100, 4 years ago, of which i hardly used the high tech figures except some basic functions), my wife coaxed me into buying another so called sophisicated phone, of which i refused, i finally ended up buying a RM150 Nokia (brand new, mind you, colour screen some more, mind you, got reminder function some more, mind you)

I was concious with myself, i knew part of me wanted the high tech phone (can show off ma), part of me struggled to stay realistic. I managed to see the light of wanting it and needing it, i chose the latter. I needed the phone but did not want to have a high end phone.

Sometimes we really need to see in details and do some mathematics about things we really want to own but on the flip side, these same things we can really live without. I scanned through most of the items that i bought, i suddenly realized, i dont want them now, and i didnt need them in the first place either.

I believe all of us have in one way or the other having this experience, buying something that we never use, we are all guilty of it , right?

Things that i bought that i dont need now, and i didnt need then, just value at RM5000, 5 years ago. The same RM5,000 put in FD earning 3.5 % per annum, it would have given me RM1000 in interest. I have 7 watches , in fact i only need 2, one for work, one for sport. One serious drain of your money, is the changing of cars, tens of thousands we would lose.

After reading the book "The Monk who Sold his Ferrari", it is true that, sometimes we really need to look deep in ourselves to know what we really want and need.

God says to waste is a sin

P/S, I need 1 wife but i dont want 2

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  1. at least u hv 2 watches..i dont even have one .. i use my hp as a time teller, a reminder and as a wake up clock... seee useful a hp can be??? haha...