Monday, June 16, 2008

Get well soon, mom

The dawn of another working week is breaking, but this week seems to be different from the others, it will see how my poor mom struggles to walk steadily again, it shall witness how united her children will be in taking care of her, it will challenge her children's priorities over theirs for her, it shall put to the test her children's love for her, it will also see how her children's will put all their differences aside in order to give her peace of mind to recover swiftly.

I want to thank god indeed for my sisters, my sister in law, and my wife, in time of need, no matter how small their assistance is, it seems so very big. My mom is already 70 years, if she were to leave for another 10, what kind of life shall her children give her, when she has given them the big chunk of her life to them, i promise to take care of her not to the best of my ability but also to make every effort to make her happy through her remaining years, this i promise.

Even through her medical ordeal, my mom still worries about her children, about each and every of her child's being and their family. I have great respect for her, and i love her dearly.

P/S, please do the needful for our parents before the needfuls become needless


  1. i hope your mom gets better, eugene. will pray your family.. :)

  2. Healing takes time, so do your very best for your mother. Spend more time on her when she needed her children the most.

    And, show an good example for your kids as they learn to love and care for the elderly.