Friday, June 13, 2008

My youngest sister

Went visiting my mom again in the hospital, but this time i am not talking about my mom, but about my youngest sister instead.( i am 42, she is 40)

I used to be closed to her when we were in our teen, sending and picking her from school on my bike, then i was like a Big Brother looking after her (though she never knew that), i guess it was easier for us to click when were younger not much of stress, or may be misunderstanding.

She sent me home last night with my children in her car, the journey to my house from the hospital was short, but it seemed long enough, suddenly i felt me and my sister were not that close anymore, our subjects of communication was rather superficial, seriously i dont know why, how could this be so, we are flesh and blood, man. we are supposed to be close, damn it, but the fact is, we are not.

I can tell my two older sisters that i love them, but i just have problem of telling my youngest sister just that. I love my siblings very much, and i dont expect them to be likewise, but i really wish i could just tell her that her brother cares.

Anyway, i just hope that Money is not the separation of our brother/sister relationsihp, and money should not be the hindrance to our brother/sister relationship.

I might not be as rich as she is, or i might not be the brother that she expects me to be, but that doestn mean that i am not good and caring brother for her, i have my flaws but my flaws doesnt discount me from being the brother who cares and loves all my siblings.

P/S, i am glad i have this penned down, in case i am gone tomorrow, at least she would know that i love her.


  1. i can understand yr feelings on siblings too..who doesnt.. i guess we are asians and being asians, we like to keep our secrets with us till we are in the wooden box.. we even find it hard to hug our own family members except for our own kids and spouse..but i m sure deep down, they also love us as much as we care for them too though we r not expressive enough..
    ok, on another matter, what is the goodies in July? i heard there is an increment on allowances.. r u one of them 'beneficairies' too?

  2. thank you for your comforting comment, ok, goody i heard was to be cash rebate for road tax renewed before april, heard from the radio,

  3. Can't blame for whatever that you have given / taken care of your younger siblings. Who ask u to enter the world earlier than them? Of course, it's beyond your control. Please treasure the relationship even it is been appreciated by others. Like me, I long for that but unfortunately I don't have.

  4. There is always a gap between very rich n normal people. Nobody is wrong just because individual is playing different role in this society.

  5. Rich people always worry about poor people will take advantage from them. But they have already forgotten who you are and they are very caution in term of friends selection to protect their interest

    from Rich person (in pride & dignity)