Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Manic kinda of life ....

Everything seems so crazy now, doesnt it ? It looks like there is no stopping of surge of oil price, the government wants to change this and abolish that, last time they had subsidies here and there, now they say it is all free float, suddenly, you feel that your pocket is shrinking, and your boss's business is no good. Left, right and centre, we are inundated with news of price increases, from roti benggali to nasi briyani, from chee cheong fun to hoo wan(fish ball).

Most of us do not have enough to brace against all these uncertainties, which will surely throw us into difficulty, may be from today on, we must learn to practise simplicity, and cut down luxury. Our utility bills must come down, we must now learn not to waste, things like electricity, water, food and etc.

My all time financial advice is always, one cent saved is one cent earned

One true life story : A friend of mine, who 4 years ago MAXed his 5 credit cards for a total of RM60,000 +, now he has to pay monthly about RM1349 for the next fifteen years after consulting with Bank Negara (national bank AKPK) for strcutured repayments schemne(and he cant use credit cards utill he settles all the debts), i believe if he could turn back the hand of time , he would had chosen a more frugal lifestyle. Mind you he is 51 years old now.

P/S, do not worry about things that we do not have control over, relax , just do it

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  1. *they* always compare the oil price with singapore and ridiculous can it be??>.<