Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Condoms, No thanks

Oops, now our beloved Deputy Health Minister suggests that women should carry condoms, as to share some so called mutual sexual responsibilty.

I guess one day i will be most cheekily flabbergasted to find few condoms in my wife's bag, i must thinking to myself "i thought we do it behind closed door, why should you be carrying Con in your bag ?"

According to the MOH's stast, there were 746 cases of women contracting AIDS last year, the question here is, they did not tell us, did all these girls get AIDS because of thier unfaithful sex partners or thier own unfaithful fling.

We must understand how many women fell victims to AIDS from their unfaithful spouses rather from their own doing, they simply cannot demand their spouses to go for HIV screening should they feel not safe.

I guess man should be more responsible rather the woman, when it comes to sexual responsiblity, be a faithful partner. I like sex but i rather do it with my wife.

P/S, let start by teaching our sons the respect they must have for girls


  1. Technology should be improved to make condom more usable, the reason man don't like wearing(guy should know) is the main reason they don't use it.

  2. i thought they have multitude of shapes, flavours textures and or not.