Monday, June 02, 2008

It's so funny, why we dont talk.....

Remember the good old Sir Cliff Richard's song " it's so funny why we dont talk anymore", does it ring a bell, that this could be so true in our lives, we dont really talk anymore, and it is so funny, isnt it?., Remember the same one that you could talk to 100 of times everyday, when courting time, how come now it is so different?

Just this morning, when my wife and i woke up, this first thing that came out of her mouth was "where is the remote control" i knew that she wanted to catch up with the show that she missed the night before, but i was thinking to myself, hey before i could say good morning, or giving her a hug, i lost my mood already, this led me to headed straight out for work without talking to her.isnt it funny?( mind me, i am only human, sometimes bad mood just got the hold of me, Ok?)

How many of us realize that this little insensetivities, in a long run can make us really dont talk anymore.

P/S, pls dont get me wrong, i love my wife dearly. I guess the longer we are together, the more we have to talk, and listen.


  1. it is very normal... a marriage is a journey...and during the journey, there r always some ups and downs., need to compromise, communicate and to give and take.. ok..

  2. Its normal, don't u ever heard of this :
    拍 拖 时 甜 言 蜜 语
    结 婚 时 花 言 巧 语
    结 婚 后 不 言 不 语
    孩 子 长 大 后 懒 得 睬 你
    ... Ping