Sunday, June 01, 2008

C'est la vie

There's a famous French saying " Plus ca change,plus c'est la meme chose", it simply means, the more you try to change, the more you stay the same.

Remember the last time how you pushed so hard for your child to improve on his study, before you knew it, he was faring the same or may be worst. But when you try to push him a little by a little, the result can be amazing.

If our son's exam result was 46 points, now he managed to garner 49 , do we congratulate him, most often than not, we dont because he is still in the red, we tend to belittle his effort of achieving the 3 points, the little progress that he has made.

May be from today on, i need to progress a little bit a day, learn to love a little bit a day, try to forgive my adversaries a little bit a day, save a little bit a day and love myself a little bit a day.

I know I cant change all my flaws, my bad temper all at once, but if i try to change it bit by bit, i know i will get there.

P/S, achieving smallest of goals, is better than setting big goals and not achieving them

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