Thursday, June 05, 2008

Son, let me learn

Where do our children go from here, i mean besides what they are being thought in school, to excel academically and what not. Are they being thought about life lessons.

Just had some thoughts last night about how to teach my children about the money matters, You see parents now do really feel the pinch about money, it is worse when compounded with never ending increase of all the prices, but the wants of our children are like incessant, they are exposed to so many things PSP, MP3, and what not , how do we say no them when most of their friends have what he doesnt have?

I believe parents should really set good examples, if we tell our children dont waste electricity, but we do otherwise, how we expect them to learn. If we tell them to save, but we spend like as if there is no tomorrow, how you expect their piggy bank to increase.

If we can shower without hot water,please do without. if we can sleep without air con,please do without. I reckon life is tough for us now, it will be even tougher for them in the future.

P/S. Please tell our children the beauty of thriftyness.

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  1. Most of us are fail in acting as parents nowadys, simply we are not keen to reject them even we know it is not necessary to have that. Look, those old days when did our parents do as what per their children said and with that little moneys they earned, they are able to sustain the family and buying houses even.
    We should learn from our beloved parents as how to manage our moneys.