Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Ice is Finally Broken

My long expected moment has finally arrived, even before it did, i was already prepared for it. Ever wonder why they say "curiousity kills the cat" and not the dog and the bull, well i guess curiousity always let us have second chance or so to make it right, it is akin to cat can die 9 times, if we dont fix it after few times, then it really kills.

Two days ago, i noticed there were certain porn sites appeared in my google search engine, i summoned my eldest (11 years old) at once, i asked him did he go to these sites, at first he denied it, ( i can understand his denial, i would had denied it too, if my dad caught me in same scene), after much coaxing, he eventually agreed that he did, i was so happy when he admitted it.

My first reaction was, how did he know such sites, he told me his classmate msn him about it, ok fair enough, then i asked him, why did he have to go there, he said out of curiousity. ok, " i say son now , i have to clear your curiousity and we need to talk about sex"

I knew my son was confused when he saw all these explicit pictures, seriously i could feel his confusion, as i asked "son do you know what is sex all about" he just gave me blank look. i told him, "son i need to tell you, sex is not about honey and the bee"

My first lesson about sex education with my son was, i wanted him to be open to ask me anything about sex that he is so curious about and needs to know the answers for. i promised him i will give him the real answers.

I said thank you to my son for his sharing of his curiousity with me, i shared with him my own frusration when i was around his age, when i couldnt talk sex with my own parents, i shared my frusration how i was teased by my classmates, when i knew nothing when they talked about sex.

I assured him sex is not a taboo, it is part of growing up.

P/S, things are a lot easier when we are truly open about it


  1. talking things out is definitely better..too parents are not like you..haha

  2. i admire your being open to the subject to your son. truth to tell, i'm dreading when my time would come that i need to confront the subject and talk about it to my daughter :-) congratulations! :-)

  3. Walau! Kids these days so young already curious abt the X subject. When leempek was at that age, leempek was too engrossed with the TIMES TABLE to worry abt anything else!

  4. kids are more exposed nowadays, compared to our naive-ness, like dungu, those we as parents need to shed off our shyness to try to explain in pure simple english how sex works.. haha..i wonder whether i hve xplained it correctly or not...

  5. Well, at least you thought you son birds and the bees. Me, I got it from my science teacher and to add my curiousity, I learnt from sex novels and porn sites.

    My parents were so much diff from you.

  6. Papa,i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!