Thursday, May 01, 2008

Green the Home

It must begin at home, when we talk about the 3Rs (recycle, reduce and reuse), i must admit i do have problems of telling my family as far as saving of energy, and water is concerned.(it agitates me sometimes if they dont it, guess old habits die hard) It is not so much of whether i can pay for the utitility bills or not, but it is about teaching my children about the value(s).

Our children must in their very own little ways, contribute to the betterment of the earth, and the good examples must come from the parents.

If a child is not thought how to save, then he sees no difference in waste.
If a child is not thought how to appreciate the little things, then he cant see the value in big things.

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  1. Yup, nothing is further from the truth.

    All the time we hear about parents complaining about how inefficient the teachers are in the school and how lousy our education system is becoming.

    Have these parents ever asked themselves how many hours they spent with their children everyday?