Saturday, May 03, 2008

This chicken rice got me chickened out

Please excuse me for being a miser, facing the escalating prices of food prices, i have got no choice, i have to make sure i got value from the purchases i make.

Just yesterday, i took my elders for chicken rice in one supposedly famous chicken rice shop in Paya Terubung , i was charged RM3.90 for a plate of rice and a few small pieces of chicken, when i ordered an extra small bowl of rice,( i do mean small), then i was charged extra RM.80 cents for it. (mind you, the foods will not get you drool at all)

This eating out session really got me thinking, if i go to my regular alias not so famous chicken rice outlet, where i can get bigger portion, more delicious chicken rice for RM2.70, i pay extra RM.50 cents if i choose to have extra rice. Hey man, i could save about RM 1.30

I am trying to be price sensitive, because it doest not just affect me, it affects my entire family too. If we keep complaining about prices hike, where we have no control over, we must as well be a smart spender.

I always like this Malay cliche " sikit sikit, lama lama jadi bukit"

P/S, (1) My son told me he would not go back to that shop agian
(2) Picture shown on the right is not the chicken rice i complained about, only for
decorative purpose.

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