Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Everything changes except ----Man

You see, we man dont change, we are still the big egotistic,chauvinistic and self centred creature.

We still think it is cool to keep all the problems to ourselves, when our spouses crack their heads to think what is wrong with us, we dont share our problems with them, we would tell them everything is ok, when everything is otherwise. We dont care how worry they can be, when they sense the problems.

My wife just told me that she loved "durian", without hesitation i replied " i dont like durian", suddenly i realized how could i be so inconsiderate to her feeling. Instead of asking when can i buy her the durian, i just blushed her away.

I remember an old friend of mine, who told me that he could be a legitimate" devil" from Monday to Saturday (meaning he could do all the hanky-panky), but when Sunday it is strictly Family day because he is the sole provider to the family. How can a man ever change,,
I am not perfect and i am willing to tell my wife just that ( i am not perfect)
P/S : treat her like a lady

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  1. 你看,多么幸福的一家人!嫉妒!嫉妒!