Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Imagine one day your son or daughter comes to you divulging this,"Mom,Papa,I need to tell you this,I am different,I am G or L" what would you do? do you take him to the church to be counseled,summon him to seek medical attention or get him a girl,get her a man to screw or get screwed,just to let them know it is heaven to be straight or hell to be"different"

I am not a defender of "LGBT" community seriously,I don't have to,why should I defend them if the society at large accept them just like you and me but sadly those bigots who adamantly believe that this place has no room for the LGBTs and they start to harass them,invoking hates and blatantly cursing LGBTs that they will be sent to hell by Gods,burned to ashes and punished for eternity.

Okay,let us assume that these LGBTs will be sent to hell,burned in the abyss of fire and punished for eternity,so before they go to hell,can we embrace their difference,accepting them into our society and seeing them as our son,our daughter,our brother or our sister?

Sometimes it really puzzles me as to who is playing God,who is meting out the unseen punishment against the LGBTs (isn't discriminating and harassment some forms of punishment?)

I believe every religion teaches us about LOVE, to love and I also believe that no religion teaches us to hate Lesbians,to spit at Gays,to curse Bi to hell and lastly to punish Transgenders.

Ask you a question :would you stop to help a person who is blind to cross the road,if you see him struggling to do it, if you have compassion,have a heart,surely you would,wouldn't you? The same merit,you would accept the LGBTs being part of the society,if you have a heart and compassion,wouldn't you?simply they too are struggling like the blind I just mentioned..........

容纳每个人生存的权力 and please excuse me before you hate me sharing this because I am a Christian,insinuating that as if i give out tacit approval that it is okay to be "different" in the eyes of God,what I am only saying is I don't give a hoot about one's sexual preference, what I am saying is that "I would accept you as being part of us in this society and embracing your difference" the rest,just like me,one day we shall all face the Almighty.

P/S : To love someone is to accept their differences..Biarpun kita berbeza,namun kita juga manusia yang dapat berkongsi dan bersama


  1. WOuld you believe me if I say I having hard time to accept but I dont condemn them. I have few gay and transgender friends. Never really understand why they choose to be different but I dont condemn for what they choose to be.

  2. Good one! I believe they are more compassionate than others. They are still people. And if we dart them with judgements and hatred, how are they going to accept the love of Christ. Right?

    Thanks for this post, I have been wondering how to react to the LGBT. Found the answer. It is "with love".

  3. I have not met many people who are different and who I know are just like you and me, just that their preferences are different from ours. But that surely does not make them a sinner! The same people who have the time to protest against such harmless people should focus on others sins in the society, like domestic violence, female infanticide and others.

  4. everyone has his/her own rights to be himself/herself

  5. I love every type of human beings. I even knew one who grew a short tail. I don't call him animal or donkey but a friend.
    My head has been spinning over this LGBT issue. We seriously need a new government who are not bigots.

  6. Whether they go to hell or not is not for us to judge.

    Most importantly is we do our part. No, not to condemned them, but instead we should properly guide them back to what is right.

    its not easy to love the unlovable, and I cant say I am able to fully do it also. Then again, we all should learn and should start from somewhere.

  7. On the contrary we should love LGBT more than anybody else.

  8. I have a few friends, L & G.. they don't bother me at all..
    Oh by the way.. there is one verse in Bible.. "lets not judge lest we be judged too.." so... whoever is pure and holy, let him throw the first stone...
    Leave the judgement to our Lord..

  9. I have no problem with them.
    We owe a lot to the gay and lesbian creative class;from architecture to fashion to music.
    That old disco hit, YMCA, which many gay bashers like to hum along
    is considered by many a gay anthem..... That is where all the public bath houses and young men love to hang out in the "village"( Greenwich village) in lower west side Manhattan.

  10. ..when AIDS hit, many of the churches thought that was GOD's punishment to the GAY.
    Buddhism, I beleive is more tolerant.

  11. "Love one another as I have loved you..."

    He never said do not love the gays and lesbians, do not love those who are not of the same religion as you...

  12. em, What does LGBT stand for again? Anyway, I'm not sure why the big hoo-haa over this issue lately, they've been around, especially more so in KL, and will be around.

  13. Hmm, I guess it's getting pretty normal these days....

  14. I've always thought what happens behind closed doors is nobody else's business.

    The phrase 'pesta seks bebas' makes me laugh out loud. *shakes head*

    From The Star:
    PETALING JAYA: Seksualiti Merdeka is about discussion and spreading awareness on the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LBGT) community and not a free sex party, said Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

    Marina, who has launched the event in 2009, said she was upset with the unfair reporting by certain quarters, portraying the event as a "pesta seks bebas".

  15. The organisers should change the name and make it a one-day talk, no need to drag it to a few-days festival, ie if their objective really is to sow awareness and education.

  16. With love all things are possible