Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The mole on my forehead................

Before I begin sharing, two things first. Firstly, I have got a mole on my forehead,small but rather conspicuous and secondly I am always happy to meet up with old friends.

Bumped into a very old friend,someone whom I have not met for at least 10 years or so, he was once a boss running a travel agent catering to back packers, loved going to his shop cos got loads of "mat saleh" there,(if you know what I mean)

The excitement was mutual from the both of us,meeting up with an old friend, he told me that he'd quit his travel business and he had been running a little "temple" on his own,a kind of self declared "abbot".

After short exchange of pleasantries, he suddenly took notice of the mole on my forehead,then he said in Mandarin, giving me those "heavenly jargon" that sounded so alien to me.

With all the jest,he said that I could alter my destiny and thus improve my total being,,and that will bring about good fortune to me,particularly my business, cheekily I asked him how would he do it,with a big grin on his face,he said he needed to perform certain rituals and that could only take place in his little "temple"

Again, I asked him would he charge me like he said in helping me to improve my "total being" ,reservedly he said,he would not charge a single cent for "consultation" but if the performing of the ritual required "extra remedies" then that would be discussed later and that to me sounded dubious.

As an old friend, I thought it would be nice just to be open to him that I would not be interested in his "help" by telling me that I was a Christian but he was really affable at this end and good with his words. He then said to me that he had helped "Christians" before also.

I knew I had to digress just to elude his onslaught of "advices", I just asked for his phone no,telling him that I would call him if I needed his "help"

I am not a very religious kind of person but I believe we must always be careful about people offering us "divine advices" and I really abhor those who victimize others especially during one's darkest despair.

By the way,I do like the mole on my forehead,I don't think I need to perform anything on it,,kekekkekekek

P/S : Keep a good heart, keep praying because "tough time will never last but tough people do"


  1. You've got a mole on your forehead hmmm interesting. Let me close my eyes and let the force be with me to tell more about you..OK ahhhh yes you are no longer a free man got a wife..two sons.. no girl to drink beer..keep working hard I see money coming your way no worries you will be rich..that's for all for the time being no charge its foc wanna know more please send cheque or via Paypal..also accept major credit cards too. Huat Ah! Regards, Master Go Bananaz

  2. so weird. I dont really believe all these

  3. That's what they say, If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    You know, for people who are able to read the face, moles and such are telltale marks of one's past and/or future. Even the forehead can give a clue as to whether he/she was born into a rich family or not.

  4. if we dont like a particular mole, we can just easily get a doc to remove that especially if it's a growing one..well even if i do believe that certain moles will bring harm or good, to get rid of them, i dont think i need to seek help from those guys that need to perform rituals in order to do that..and since you like your little mole so much..then no problem to u, keep it there!

  5. LOL to bananaz!! Mole or no mole.. as long as happy and healthy ... they are good enough.. of course, stay close to our faith in God.. :)

  6. LMAO @ BananaZ!!! Ha ha ha... I wanna consult him dei...

    Look at actress Sit Kar Yin. She is doing fine with fame and money. Of course she had her ups and downs too. Everyone's lives will be like the ocean waves, rising up and down.

  7. Hahaha Bananaz you are epic!

    Omigosh... I always believe only 2 person can change your destiny, fate, or whatever is there to be alternate...

    i. God
    ii. yourself.

    No ritual or mambo jumbo can do a thing if you choose not to move from where you are standing. Haha

    I have a lot of mole on my face.. I think 2 is the most obvious :D

  8. Keep a good heart then everything will be good. Steady, Eugene, don't simply remove any mole, doctor's advice may be needed to do so.

  9. haha my late father do believe on that. He even brought my eldest brother to do that.

  10. There are so many here who do the same thing and in a way, fleece people. It's always better to stay away from them and life is always more peaceful. And if there is anyone who can connect you to the Supreme being, it's your own self.