Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lunch interrupted by an old man.........

Just got back from lunch,but today's lunch is kind of different in a way for me though. As i was savouring me food, i heard something like this catching my attention "look at that old uncle,so old already and how could the children let him come out under this punishing sun and look at him,he is having difficulty in crossing the road"

As i swifted my attention across the other side of the road, indeed there was this old folk struggling to cross the road faced with unkind traffice,guess he was afraid and wasnt agile anymore, and as i looked around me in the eatery,the comment or comments about this old folk was still there, and no one did something for this old man.

I stopped my food and sauntered towards the old folk, as i was coming closer to him i asked him if he wanted to cross the road,with his weakening voice he nodded. As i held his hand and helped him to cross,i asked him why did he want to come out,he said he wanted to buy some food because the children forgot to prepare food for him today.

I held on to his hand untill he was done crossing the road, he thanked me profusely for my so called good deed, i just replied with this "uncle dont say thank you. one day i will be old too and i would need somebody's help too".

Seriously,i dont think what i did was something to brag about,in fact it was only something everyone of us should do instead of talking about it and doing nothing about it.

P/S : One day i might just need your help

2.24 pm


  1. if only i can shake your hand now's always great to know someone doing a good deed. cheers and god bless... :)

  2. wah lau i feel so sad reading your post!

    children forgot to prepare food for him.. then he have to come out...


    eugene, its a great thing you did.

  3. good work..hope all that read will remember what u hv done..
    frankly, i dont know whether i dare to hold the old man's hand or not.. old lady ok... am i bad?

  4. bro, i agree with you 100%. we'll be old , that's a fact, and we need help no doubt about it.

    God bless you bro.

  5. well done bro! It's great reading your blog... as it gave me an awareness of all these small good stuffs.

  6. taiko,
    how sweet of you. klu I amoi, sudah lama jatuh cinta sama taiko la hehe.

    Happy New Year my fren

  7. Eugene... this is exactly the kind of things i always see at my regular breakfast kopitiam...I see so many sad things that provoked my thoughts there that I often consider to change eating atmosphere...but I dunno why I continue to go there...maybe a good reminder for me not to take things for granted.