Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Seriously i think you're sick,,,,mentally

"Come on just admit that you need help,and it is no shame that you seek medical help before it is far too late and the damages are beyond repair, if you refuse to see the signs that others can see in you that indeed you are on the verge of suffering mental disorder however mild it may seem now,then you are courting with danger,seriously"

This is what i told my good friend (a lawyer) after so many occasions i heard complaints from his wife and his children about how this friend of mine who would turn from angel to devil in split seconds, and as his family put it,it is like living hell in the family because they just dont know when the bomb going to explode.

I remember there were times when my wife reminded me how temperamental i was, how i could be so jovial in one minute,and could be so angry the next, and at that point i knew i really needed to look deep inside me to see the cause and i accepted that fact that indeed i was not right at that point of time. I am glad that with the love and understanding from my family, this so called small problem is not at all a problem for me now.

As far as my friend is concerned, i guess the only problem he has is not that he is suffering from mental illness but what is more detrimental is his refusal to accept that he is one and he cant lose his face to know the fact that he needs medical assistance. What he doesnt know right now is his whole family is being subtly traumatised by his problems and this in return will affect the mental and psycological health in his children.

There is so much i can do for a friend, if he insists that he has no problem i cant bang into his head to ask him to admit that he has after telling him so many times but the saddest part and the victims are always not the main character,they are people that love him that suffer ultimately.

Just look at those people around you,collegues,neighbours,friends,church members and etc to see for yourself how many of them indeed have split personality. They are too ego to let people know their weaknesses and flaws, and they would just veil themselves with "Cosmetic characters" that seems so very nice to others and giving all their friends the impression that they are indeed really nice and anything otherwise seems so incomprehensible.

Does this seem familiar to you, after certain tragedy, we hear these comments " he seemed so nice,how could he kill his own children" " how could he do such a ruthless thing,he is a professional " or " we knew he had problem but we never thought it could be so severe"

P/S : We are human therefore we must know we have weaknesses and be brave about them


  1. walao, 1st one today..hmmmmm, i think your friend has double personality disorder. quite dangerous, i guess.

  2. mental illness is just another form of disease, but ignorant folks tends to some sort of prejudice over it and avoid it. They thought seeing a psychitrist makes u a nutty case....
    This cause the disease to get even worse where it can be healed. It's really gotta do with education... if you are stressed, i don't see anything wrong taking a tranquiliser.

  3. thanks for dropping by my blog.u r so lucky that already have 2 sons...when to have a bb girl?

  4. having split personality is not really sick :( i think i have that too

  5. Hi Eugene! All I can say is "people should learn to listen form other people too" take advises especially from a good friend and person. Btw, thanks for dropping by my site. Your site is full of stories that is filled with life's lessons.Have a great week!