Thursday, April 10, 2014

That's the way to go sons.

As a dad, I must say I am very proud of my two boys,even though they are not the top scorers in their studies but it is about their attitude that I am very proud of.

This year Jovial will be sitting for his SPM and to tell you the truth I am anxious about his so called preparation for it, thus I have been kind of nagging or bugging him as far as SPM is concerned and every time I do that he just nonchalantly telling this,"I know lah, don't worry dad"

So of late, I have been noticing him, really and diligently working out his schedules between play and study and just last night he said judging from his most recent exam, it was all okay.

Now back to Marvell, so he has changed to an entire environment and he is doing well and every time when I ask him, does he want to go for tuition classes, he just says that he can still well balance it.

He loves going to school he says and he loves to make friends and it seems that he is enjoying every bit of his school life and this is something I am very happy about cos going to school to him is not a drag but a joy.

P/S : Keep that spirit son......


  1. Eugene, you and your wife are doing a good job , bringing up your sons very well.... God Bless!

  2. Good exam results may only mean they are good at doing well at exams - those students may not be good at much else. A well-balanced individual would fare much better later in life, not necessarily those top scorers. All the best to your boys in their undertakings.

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