Thursday, March 20, 2014

He is not that tough anymore....

I have got only one brother (of different father) and he had been a drug user since he was like 17 years old and now he is 54, he quit that vice about 10 years ago.

He is a very intelligent man but too bad that was not put to a good use, when he was small which I could remember, he was always "brain washed" by my grand mother that nobody loved him, nobody cared for him and my father (his step father) was ever so bad too him.

Since small, he harbored that resentment, he left house around the age of 16 years old, bad company came along and probably he thought that "drug" was his sanctuary and his solace, he stuck to it for many many years.

Fast forward to now, 3 years ago, he was diagnosed with neck cancer, 3rd stage he was told and suddenly this "tough" guy became so vulnerable, he is no longer that man that I once knew that even "death" would not scare him.

I keep in touch with him constantly,even though we had never been close but that dreaded disease has since bridged that void between the two of us, I love him and I wish he could feel it because I knew that he was never loved before.

Sadly, in his remaining days, his body weakens day by day, I knew he wanted to "make it up"  or to make amends with the rest of us, it doesn't really matter of the past anymore.

It is funny I have never seen a tear streaming down his eyes for as long as I could remember but now I can see some already.

May be the least I can do now, is to be there for him, to call him and making him feel that he has got a brother who still cares.

P/S : He ain't heavy , he's my brother


  1. You're a good person, Eugene. I'm sure your brother appreciates what you're doing - he ain't heavy. And yes, love conquers all.

  2. God be with him during this time of need and with you and all in the family too. God bless you all with strength, take care all.

  3. So sorry to hear about ur brother. If can, do continue to spend more time. Afterall..past is forgetten. its now..

  4. Life is not all bed of roses. hope you mends the bridge of your elders. God bless you all.

  5. Sorry to hear about ur brother.... Hopefully he'll understand and change to a better him in near future...

  6. How are you Eugene? Long time did hear from you :)