Thursday, November 14, 2013

May be this is the beginning of a Pathologist in the making.....

Something has always amazed me as far as Marvell is concerned, I remember when he was like 6 years old, when asked what his ambition was,he would say a doctor, so we would leave it as it was,a mere childhood's wishful dream.

As years meanders by till now, whenever he is asked again about his ambition,he would adamantly say a doctor but this time he is more objective which kind of medical faculty he would want to get involved in, he aspires to become a Pathologist,the investigative one.

I was rather amused by his "weird" aspiration, there was a few times, when I asked him why did he have this "penchant" to becoming a Pathologist, I must admit I really like his one and only reason for it, he'd always say this................"Every Death Must Be Justified" I really like this.

I am so happy and proud of him,just like how I was so happy and proud of his older brother Jovial four years ago.

Just got his UPSR exam result and he scored a straight As and I am sure for this week,he can watch all the Crime Scene Investigation series till his heart's content.

Thank God for my boys and a big thank to all his teachers and friends who always support him.......appreciate it.


P/S : Marvell, you have done yourself proud


  1. Well done, Marvel....However I strongly believed that bro you have put lots of effort to guide your kid so well.....!!!! Just awsome to both of you all.

  2. wow, congrats. Hope his dream come true.

  3. wah congrats to Marvell. Very well done!

  4. Congrats, Marvel! Great job, Wishing you all the best in the years ahead and may God be with you in all your endeavours. Cheers!