Monday, May 20, 2013

I prayed,I cried and I lost sleep.............

Jovial has been having rashes a few days now,so last night, I took him to see doctor and the doctor had a check on him and he said.........................

He said, his rashes were not due to allergy nor was it due to heat,he then gave me one medical jargon that I have never heard before and it was Nephrotic syndrome,I was thinking what the heck it was and when he explained it,it sent chill down my spine but I tried to keep my composure cos Jovial was present.

The doctor asked me to monitor his urine for one week,if there was blood in the urine,then I had to send it for further tests..........................

When I came back, I called out to Jovial and Marvell( their mother was back in her hometown) and we began to pray and I cried,suddenly I felt so helpless and suddenly I thought what I needed to do was to surrender to the Almighty.................

You know the first thing I woke up (actually I didn't really sleep) was to check on Jovial rashes.........

So for the whole of this week,all that I needed to do................keep the faith.

Note : Nephrotic Syndrome is damage of the kidneys

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  1. Oh dear! Eugene, so sad to hear of Jovial's condition. He is such a young boy. But have faith in God because He will take care of Jovial! i will pray for him and your family too! God bless you and family, Eugene.

  2. Eugene, what causes it? May he get well the soonest! Have faith!

  3. Oh dear. Drink lots of water, cut down salt and sugar. Hope all will be ok. God bless.

  4. Sorry to hear that Eugene!
    Hopefully your Jovial gets better soon!

  5. Google for more information.. Anyway, all will be fine...prayer works... Our Lord sees our tears and understand our fears...

  6. Two cents note over here. Please do cut down on protein meats that consumed high salt and ajinomoto. Just want to help out over here friend recommended REFRESH n MILLENIUM to cleanse kidney

  7. oh dear..speedy recovery to your boy. take care.

  8. Pray for Jovial, hope he can get better soon.

  9. Eugene, did you get the second opinion? Better to seek another one or 2 doctors' advice.
    Don't be too worried first, hope Jovial will be fine.

  10. My heart sank when I read your post but Jovial could be okay. All's not lost, Eugene. I checked up on Wikipedia and it says,

    "These treatments may reverse, slow, or prevent further kidney damage.

    Most children who have nephrotic syndrome do well with treatment and have a normal life expectancy.

    Doctors define complete recovery as living without symptoms or treatment for more than 2 years."

    More uplifting news follows. Here's the source:

    Keep the faith. My best wishes, Happysurfer

  11. Keep the faith, bro... From one parent still waiting for God's timing on my little girl.. To you. Fear not, for I am with you, says the Lord. Everyday, lay hands on Jovial especially the areas of his rashes and kidney and say a prayer of blessing over him, command the illness and whatever is not right to be removed in Jesus Name.

    Take care, hugs to J.

  12. Think positive and keep a healthy and active life. Medical science is improving very fast. Your son's condition could be easily mitigated soon.

  13. So sorry to hear this. I hope he is well soon.

  14. I'm sorry to hear this, Eugene. Will keep him in my prayers.