Monday, March 11, 2013

Yours confidently Marvell

My lil one has really got some unique traits for one,he is very meticulous in what he does but sometimes those unique traits of his could really send shivers down my spine,,,

Last night,I was sleeping in with Marvell,then I asked,"Marvell, so tomorrow,what are the subjects in your exam tomorrow?" he said nonchalantly," I don't know papa" I was surprised,I shot back," How come you don't know,your exam and you don't know what subjects you will be taking."

He didn't say a word for a moment,then he said,"No worries,Papa, I am prepared and ready for it already" I was silent...........

Recalling about it, this is exactly what I thought my sons about "examinations' just have to prepare for it, last minutes rush as of no fruition and looks like Marvell has picked it from where I left off...

Seriously, now I am just thinking, Marvell truly "enjoys" his studies and I am glad that he know just what to do but I will still be guiding him along the way.

Marvell always says that he is the happiest boy in his class..........glad that he says that

P/S : Thank God for my family


  1. I think he is very confident la, so may be you should not worry too much.

    Anyway good luck Marvell!

  2. Your sons are going to be fine, no doubt about that...

  3. You are so blessed with a good son who loves to study! He will grow up and still learn when he is in his adulthood.
    Like my wife, she also loved to study when young and now still doing 3 courses while working full time at her age! I encourage her to pursue that for her own interest and well being.

  4. And he is growing up to be one fine good looking boy too. Does he read the bible every night?