Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Sayang" is the best

Every time I crave for a plate of nasi kandar,there is only one place that I would usual "sayang;s place" that's the term of endearment I bestowed him.

 As soon as he sees me approaching his store,he would holler out loud and clear,"sayang,apa khabar?"  I would then respond  likewise,"Sayang,I do good"

My usual dishes would be a slice or 2 beef ,2 or 3 lady fingers, a salted egg or in the absence of it,a fried egg is replaced and a deep fried drumstick and the price is,he always charges me for my order ................RM3 to RM4

Sometimes even my wife and children are amazed how come my "sayang" can offer me so cheap and even at times,he would say to me,"tak apa,tak apa, today free for you sayang"

There have been times when I asked him to,"kira mahal sikit la yang" he would say,"no no no,you 'sayang" got "sayang" price one la"

 I guess the reasons for giving me the offer is that I have been patronizing him for a long time now,I have got to know his family members too, I joke a lot with me, I have helped him out with some "issues" before and sometimes I just sincerely ask,"How is your family doing?"

P/S : I am not a cheapo but I guess it is always nice to be nicer to others.....


  1. hahaha..i thought the vendor is a lady... calling sayang to you... really very sayang you la.. the price of a plate of rice with your lauk is at least RM5 and above.. no wonder you sayang him too! hahaha...

  2. yes, was like Claire, thought the seller is a lady... but a plate of this 'sayang' price of Nasi Kandar, it's worth making him your sayang! I agree that it's always nice to be nice to others..

  3. so it is a "him" to call u sayang lol, that is so catchy haha

    Sayang Place eh? would really love to try it!

  4. wah really cheap leh. Look at your plate, it's full with dishes.

  5. Nice and cheap meal! Can I call him sayang too?

  6. Good to have someone sayang you.