Wednesday, October 03, 2012

So Gold to be true?

I was talking to a friend just now, he is the investor cum consultant with a company (something to do with Gold) good friend of mine, so we were talking about the current brouhaha about the raid from some government agencies on the company..

I really like the calmness exuded from my friend,when asked if he was worried about his investment being "frozen",he said there was nothing to worry about and because he just could not do anything about it,which is quite true.

Well,may be my friend was not too worried about his investment being "frozen" because he is considered a 'high worth" individual but what about those investors who took their life's long savings and invested in this company with such a handsome ROI per year.

We really do not  know what would come out from the Bank Negara's investigation on this company and how long but just imagine those sleeplessness nights,those anxiety, and the fate of their hard earned savings and those stress of waiting to know about the eventual outcome from Bank Negara.

I guess we need to be reminded of the archaic saying of "High Return,High Risk", this is the old saying but the caution that it expounds is forever so true but then again, the greed of man will always hold us back from believing in fundamentals..

I am not saying that we should not once in a while engage in "High Risk, High Gain' investments but we must always take into account how much we are willing to lose if our investments turn ugly,then we would not cry foul.........

Note : Just to ask, have you ever been approached by anyone promising you Heaven and Earth for your money?

P/S : If we are not careful and let the greed keeps imbuing our mind,we will end up loser


  1. I was once approach to do this business too.. think I am chicken to enter, therefore I didn't proceed.

  2. I don't think I will take the risk.

  3. yes there is always no easy money in this world...

  4. Yes agreed high return = high risk. I see some of my friends play save, buying gold from local bank.

  5. never, never take such high risk more so if the return is super high. I rather put my hard earned money somewhere safer even the return is not that rewarding.

  6. I guess the investors in this company have got their physical gold bars with them for safekeeping, they can just liquidate by selling the gold bar if they want to get their money back. The only thing is their monthly income / interests will be frozen pending for investigation by BNM.

    Looking at it, it is safer to buy from the banks.

  7. Just be contented with whatever we have. Be happy that we can live comfortable together with our dearest family, what more can one ask. Play with fire, you'll get burnt!

  8. It would be so sad to hear such raid incident occurred recently, i think we should always admonish ourselves with an optimistic attitude to encounter such incident.We are unable revamping things which already occurred however we do have an option to perceive things from different angle of such perplexity.There was once a sharing from a pastor which i memorized it until now..." Life is just like a painting,every individual colors (represented things happened around us)is so important to embellish the painting. Eventually the painting will looks marvellous after the embellishment of all colors"....... (:-P "God is Great all the time!!!!

  9. Your friend is a wise man. Why worry if it'll do no good.

    Knowing one's risk capacity is important and best not to put everything in one basket though gold is a worthy investment against inflation.

    You know, I wouldn't call it greed. I'd call it investment though with a high risk due to the high return. One of your commenters here said it right - they have the gold bars in hand which they can liquidate to get cash.

  10. someone did approach me and talk about MLM stuff . . . and now I am kind of avoiding it because all I want to do is for more own good and cheer me up thou . . .

    Gold investment I heard before, see the headlines newspaper before. Many people may die for it thou. Dun trust it . . .