Thursday, October 04, 2012

I'm just proud of them................

Yesterday as I was waiting to pick Marvell up from his school, chatted with a lady friend whose son happens to be in the same class with Marvell.then she said this to me.....

"Hey, your son is so clever in his standard, I understand he is No 1 in his whole standard" then she continued,"Can introduce which tuition centers you send him too or not?"

Meekly,I said to her that Marvell was not attending any tuition classes, looking disbelief, she asked," Are we sure ?" I said yes but I said to her that I was thankful to God that I have got wonderful boys.

She probed further," So how do you teach Marvell ?" I said to  her that there was no secrets at all, firstly we just spend loads of time with him, may be to hone his "cleverness and God given wisdom", we play a lot with him, we play Q & A with him, almost every night and we allow him to ask even the stupidest questions and we just have fun with him............

Now back to Jovial, so he would be sitting for his PMR next week, I could sense his anxiousness in preparing for his exam. I am proud, simply because he knew how to prepare himself without being pushed or being enticed for any material rewards..

I told him I was not expecting anything from him as far as his exam is concerned, as I told he was the one that should be expecting the best from himself..Period

May be, we just really need to spend time with the children..............

P/S : I am proud of them.....


  1. Well done Marvell and also to you Eugene. You and ur lovely wife must have done something right for Marvell to be where he is right now :)

  2. all the best for your Jovial in his coming PMR examination... :)

  3. very good post, even when jasper's is only 2, i am already worried for all these things >< lol. Thank you for your sharing, i am on the same page that quality time with the children is far more important instead of pushing them to tuition when they dont want to. Hopefully Jasper will be good boy like your boys!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I believe spending good times with our kids will benefit both them and us. Your boy is a very good example.

  5. Yes, you should be.. no tuition and yet so smart! wow...

  6. Congratulations to Marvell, well done for being position 1 in his whole standard. I can understand how proud you feel for him.

  7. Well done, Marvell! Yes, your papa and mama are so proud of you!

    Keep it up~

  8. I'm proud of him & Jovial too. Pat on the backs, you two...and also on papa and mama's backs. All the best, God bless...

  9. You have 2 wonderful boys. Congrats to Marvell being No. 1 in his whole standard and wish Jovial all the best in his PMR.

  10. One proud daddy! :p

    I agreed with you on spending times and norture your children. Everything starts from basic and so correct method should be done when they are young.

  11. You have a pair of wonderful boys, any parent would be proud of, Eugene. Nothing comes by chance, I believe. The home environment and parents' guidance are the main driving forces for such remarkable results though a child's intrinsic motivation does play a part as well. You all have got the right formula going. Keep up the great work!

    Congrats to Marvell for his academic achievement.
    Best wishes to Jovial for his upcoming exam.
    And for the mama and papa, great job!

    *am always happy to see others do well* Thanks for sharing.


  12. yup, spend more time . . . else they will looks more nerdy :X