Saturday, October 13, 2012

Newman is dead

I don't usually put up post on weekend but today is a bit unuasual though... this morning my sister SMSed me with the note,, Newman passed away this morning.

Newman was my friend, we had never been close but he was my friend,he succumbed to brain cancer this morning, so I lost a friend, what the heck?,we were never close,so Newman died,what's the big deal ?, we have never been close.

I cried not because Newman is dead but because suddenly I really realized how many of us took life for granted, took our loved ones for granted, took our friends for granted, we are willing to sacrifice friendship to just climb a step higher,  we are willing to 'stab a friend on the back" just to attain our selfish gain, we forego the precious moments with our loved ones, as we thought some "happy hours" can bring us some business but what it really comes down to in the end?

 So I had some beers just now but i felt happy because I was enjoying some "Erdinger" with my lovely wife,instead  of some "other lovely dolls" I knew my lovely was happy because her husband was there enjoying some "wonderful moments"with her.

I feel like singing this song now by Ann Murray, "take this heart,give it to the charity, take this heart, give it to the Salvation Army, I don't think I need it anymore"

Seriously what good is a heart if we are only interested in our ownself,,

P/S : Today is good and let us make tomorrow better,,,, don't be selfish and Please go and find your God


  1. Hai,bro i felt condolence about the lost of your friend.I acknowledged that life is short even though we enjoy for about an average age of 70.For example like my dad he was such a healthy man with regular exercises and unexpectedly he was already in the 4th stage of lung cancer when he went for a comprehensive medical checkup,the unacceptable fact was after he diagnosed and confirmed for the critical illness he passed away in 4 weeks time .I and my whole family was extremely grieve about the lost of a dearest family member. bro. Lord granted us a limited precious life on earth, i always keep admonish myself for not procrastinating the right things to accomplish before i left this place. Faithful prayer with lead and guide us to walk thru our entire life.Bro, i felt deeply thankful for the appreciation of the priceless friendship that we have.May Lord Jesus blessed you and your family abundantly and healthy. Amen.

  2. Life is indeed precious..each day count our blessings.. one lady told me that if we can write at least ONE blessing per day, don't be surprised that in no time our books will be as thick as a dictionary..

  3. Eugene, I am here to tell my giveaway is on. I remember you said you want to join. Please, do so. I really appreciate it.