Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do you agree with a Ms Ng?

I was paying a visit to a customer of whom I have got to know her for the past 2 years or so yesterday, her company is selling health products and once in a while,her bosses will bring in some products from overseas to add to the store's product line.

So I was asking her what was the latest product her boss had brought in , she happily showed me a brochure that had a picture of a sexy lady cladding in a one kind of tight lingerie that pompously showed off her voluptuously deep cleavage, then she said that was exactly their latest product......one kind of "lingerie" that was supposedly to enhance a lady's asset.

So the following conversation ensued between me and my dear customer.

Me,  " How much is one lingerie like that ?"
She. " RM888.00"

Me, " Is it selling well ?"
She, " Good, cos ours are not that expensive than the others"

Me," So after wearing for how long, can you see the result?"
She," What result?"
Me," " I mean to firm up the sagging boobs"
She," You stupid or what?,this one cannot do that one lah"
Me," Then do what?
She," This one is for you to show off one lah,if you go party or dinner, wearing those gowns,if you wear this inside,then you will stand out ma "

Me," So a lady spends RM888 to buy that special "lingerie" to show off?"
She," Ya la, cos now even among ladies and ladies,if they go to party or dinner,they have to show off and to tell you the truth,going to dinners and party now is not cheap for ladies,you know?"

She,"So you want to buy one for your wife or not?"
Me," No need lah, she no need to show off one ma"
She," Come one Eugene,how you know your wife doesn't want to show off,you go and buy for her and see"

Her last statement really got me thinking, If i were to buy for my lovely wife one of those RM888 super lingerie, would she be happy or would she chastise me for buying something that is not so "useful" ?

P/S : Vanity..........I like that


  1. Hahaha..I am just very sure that my wife does not need one of those to show off...and that will save me RM888...!!!!

  2. Well I am not sure... but most women will be happy to own one... specially if it's on trend...

  3. Uplift the fallen? hahaha... i rather take the three 8s to buy something else..

    1. Hi5, Claire!

      Unless I'm filthy rich, so I don't mind the extra piece of lingerie in my closet :)

  4. I suppose the answer you need is to check with your wife on whether she'd like to have one?

    Vanity is costly, sometimes. :)

  5. I would love to have that piece of lingerie for me to show off, but I think RM888 is too expensive.

  6. Hey....bro what do you think if we spend RM888.00 to buy a pair of superb high profile running shoes for running more than few hundred miles!!!! hahahaaa.....:-) which is more practical than buying a lingerie which do not have any pro criteria to benefit our wife rather just to show off the voluptuous figure .....unless bro you are so wealthy and also suffered from irresistible "itchy palm"....:-) "Even though RM888.00 buying a pair of running shoes already :-(......"

  7. aiya Ms Ng...why you tell~~~!!!!! hahahahahaha...Okay, I do admit I 'cheated' a little sometime but I don't think 'enhance' is the correct word for my case LOL...and it surely don't cost 888 lah.

    Give me the 888...I can put it to lots of use...I need a new pair of sneakers already *sigh*

  8. I don't get it. If the lingerie is to wear inside, how to see it at a clubbing event? Unless the lady is wearing something sheer see through.

  9. I think I need the 888 too. My boobs are sagging too. :P

  10. My wife would scream and kill me if I bought it for her. I better take her for holiday!

  11. RM888 to rich people its chicken feed but to the average its a matter of need vz want and its a huge sum and Bananaz would say its unnecessary as Mango has other priorities.

  12. I don't agree with Ms Ng. No point showing off, ada adalah, don't have ma don't have lor. I think your wife will also be happy with what she has.

  13. What some people will do for the sake of "beauty"...

  14. -.- RM 888 for showing off only meh . . . that 1 is only function for "fashion" only lo . . .

    If wanna buy show off lingering, google also can search lol