Friday, June 15, 2012

A friend I call Rod..............

I have the privilege of getting the first hand news as a blogger friend of his,telling me that he and his entire family will be relocated to Beijing latest by end of July.

I am happy to know a blogger friend like Rod, who will without fail calling me back, whenever he misses answering my calls or at least SMS me back.

I was honor to have Rod wanting to meet me up with my family during his holiday stay in Hard Rock Penang last year and giving me what I like most, a gift set of 4 bottles of German beers. I felt terribly bad of him buying me drinks still and some foods at the Hard Rock,instead of me playing host, Rod did the opposite.

I was even moved by his effort in going the extra miles for me, when I emailed him,asking him if he could dispense some professional advice for me as he is involved in real estate and I really needed to know some info for some investment purposes. I thought he just forgot about cos no reply for a few days but eventually Rod being Rod, he eventually replied to me with good explanation.

Now, if you have got no ideas of whom I am talking about, I am happy to say that I know a friend I call Rodney and he has a blog aptly entitled Baby "n" Me

I know I shall surely pay him a visit sometime in the future,to see him, his Catherine, his son Ryan and his daughter Chenya in Beijing.

Here, I am praying all the best for Rodney and for a great career path to be all smooth sailing for his lovely wife Catherine and joke aside I hope they will stay put in Beijing and not relocating to Sanfo or Seattle before I see them in Beijing....

Note : Women will like him, Men will envy him.........getting to know him at your own peril,he has got "love potion No perfect 10" hahahahahahahahha

P/S : Thanks for being my friend bro Rod


  1. such friend are hard to find. you are indeed bless to have Rod as your friend. He goes by the name of daddy on his blog right?

  2. Daddy is definitely a very experienced daddy and thoughtful friend.

  3. Oooiii bro. Shy lar. U write like that. Hehe. Knowing u and ur lovely wife is our privilege. My biggest achievement in starting my blog 4 years ago is the opportunity to know and meet u and your wife besides the other mommies I have know but no opportunity to meet. Blogging has definitely made my life richer.. There is no FB in this blog would be the best means of keeping touch..

  4. Wah! You so damn lucky man, I so jeles now. I have been reading his My Nikon & I post and thought he is a great fella. Now it is the same person! How come we didn't cross paths here in KL? Good luck to Rod & family in Beijing... Hey Rod, my friend has Facebook in China, let me know if you need to know the jalan.

  5. A good friend is one of the best treasure...
    Wow now u become investor.... Become rich man..

  6. It takes two.. you are good to him too, I am sure... anyway, blogging does bring good friends to us, right!!

  7. I wish people would be more considerate.

    It's ok to ask people to help and LIKE something as you're joining some contest...but some can be quite tedious - you have to LIKE a certain page...and then register and log in...and LIKE and then some will ask you to go and LIKE every hour. Gee!!!

    It's fine that you want to join some contest but if it is going to be such a fuss, perhaps it is better not to join after all. And everybody's walls would be spammed with all the promos - the result of LIKE-ing that page.

    1. Oops...wrong post! Where did the other one go?