Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do not suffer in silence please.....

I was with my lovely wife (just the two of us) at our regular "watering holes" last night for some drinks, and as regular as it was, the same Tiger beer promoter (that I once blogged about ) that serving us.

This lady always seemed so "stone stone " one, like as if she was under tremendous pressure, I have always wanted to know why she was always "stone stone " or "blur blur " one.

May be, I said may be, it was pure coincidence that last night this lady was pouring out to us,(may be it was too much for her to bear, or may be it was because the ugly scene just happened before we arrived) talk about the ugly scene later. She was pouring out to us,may be because she knew that we were husband and wife and we have been her customer for a year or so now.

She was telling us that she could not take it anymore after enduring so much physical abuse and mental torment from her husband and she decided to go for divorce.............Her husband doing odd jobs, compulsive gambler and always demanded money from her, no money , kena lah.

She said how could she survive with her income of about RM1200 a month, plus some noon works as helping out in hawker store of another RM600.............She said she really didn't mind to help out her husband if he was not a gambler or a wife beater...

She said her mother f**king husband demanded a certain amount of "compensation " if she wanted a quick and hassle free divorce of which she told me that she had to borrow from friends to "settle' her husband. She was so afraid that her husband would come to her working place and "trouble" her until she loses her job.

Looking at her, I knew I needed to do something for this lady then I took out some money and cupped it in my palms and secretly passed to her away form public sight and I told her this, " please do not suffer in silence anymore and please do not let that mother f**ker thought that you could not fight back" 

I am very sure this lady's case is not an isolated case and many women are still suffer silence and we must do some to help whenever we can........... By the way "the ugly scene" was that she was in a scuffle with her husband just before we arrived cos she demanded some money from her and she refused.

Note : Lady, you were never born to be abused, you hear..

P/S : You need to bite the hands that chain you..............


  1. omg..such terrible husband..we women shouldn't be abused by such people

  2. some men can really be a disgrace to their own race!! I mean if any man will put his hand on a woman, he can be surely a 'donkey' instead...

    YES, woman, please stand up for your right, and not to be abuse and treated weak!

  3. When my husband raised his voice to me, I also felt that he didn't respect me. Don't need to mention to raise the hand. Shouldn't allow this to happen even once.

  4. I love my wife so much and purrs like a pussy cat to her. I shower her with holidays and gifts. Why can't all husbands do the same thing?

    (Ahem!...blushing now)

    1. TM wow you a good husband.. must follow you as an example.. Kakakaka

  5. hmm we need to love our wife and family..
    that is the most important to me

  6. wow that is sickening... she needs to fight back... like as police for protection or something so he cant bother her anymore

  7. Poor lady. Though quarrels and disagreements are common, this hubby of hers was too much!

  8. Pity her! Support and encouragements from friends are trully important for her now...

  9. She should report to police when her husband beat her. Use the police report as her supportive document for the divorce.

  10. Yes, truly an ugly scene. Husband, is you don't love your wife anymore, let her go.

  11. it seems that there is many man with lousy attitude still exist zzz

    I know 1 or 2 around my circle, totally hate it