Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Just got back from a short holiday with my family last night................

After dinner, I sent the boys home and told them that I would go out with my wifey and have some "together time"...............................

During our chats, my lovely wife suddenly said this, " You know,during the holiday, seeing the boys so happy, I was already happy"

In short, I am sure many parents would agree with me, many of times the so called "holidays" are always focused on the "children", I remember I wanted to go to KL for a short holiday so that I could meet up with some bloggers friends as well but the idea was shot down by the boys.

So," Seeing the boys so happy, I was already happy" I guess to all the parents, it is all worthy...............

Now to think of it ,how many of us (adults) still remember what had our old parents done for us, while we were small or can we proudly say this, " Seeing my parents happy, I am already happy" ...

Actually, I wanted my mom to go with us during this trip but she said "she would not enjoy  it " I guess she was right................. When I was there holidaying, those scenes of old folks,(parents of someone or some boys or girls' grandparents) playing the roles of life guard or security guard........

Watching over those children frolicking in the swimming pool or keeping a watchful eyes on the boys and girls' belongings. I even heard one guy kind of yelling at his old father in Cantonese when he was coming out from his room,may be after a good "screws' in the room, something like this,"told you not to let the boy swim near there,why you.blah blah" .......................do you think it is a holiday for the "old parents"?

P/S : Let us not forget them now that we have children of our own


  1. That depends bro. My MIL is just happy to be around her grandchildren. Just being there, watching them, holding them, minding them, chatting with them, playing with them seemed to be the world greatest moment for her now. Maybe it is an age thing. As one grows older, one tends to be want to be nearer to those they cherish most. Maybe one day, when I get to that age, I would just want to be around my kids as much as I can, to steal one extra moment before HE calls me home...just that my kids might not want this grumpy old man around too much then...LOL

  2. It is always nice to have our parents / grandparents join us for holidays. But in my case, my parents are always busy with the other grandkids (duty I guess, or priority) and the last time we had a holiday with my in laws in Phuket was a fun time... the kids enjoy most! Yes, seeing our loved ones happy makes us happy.

    Glad you and family enjoyed your time! Welcome back! When you come down to KL, let me know early ya... will help check hotels for you.

  3. Oh, i think my mum is most happy if i take her to wherever i go.. :)

  4. To bring our parents for holidays - do mean it. Let them relax and enjoy the trip.

    Please don't bring them along just to have additional eyes watching over the children when the parents are away or to ease the handling of children. I'd seen grandparents looking after their grandchildren while the parents were gambling in the casino in Genting Highland. These were not holidays at all!

  5. Omigosh... I would not want to treat my parents like that... really disrespectful. They are not my nanny... Soon I'll have my first holiday with my parents here in KL... we'll see how that turns out... since I have no kids... I could enjoy more with them ^^

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  6. I think grannies are really protective to their grand kids... my mom is like that with my nephew...
    What i do is treat my mom in a resto that she really like and then we go to the movie house after... sometimes i just bring her to her fave salon :)

  7. Like want you said in ur last post...
    All parents will give the best to the children and want them to b happy...
    So when the children r happy the parents sure b happy...

  8. Agree with you. They dont have a good holiday and rest if we are bringing the kids along too. Some more most people take their parents for granted and will "push" the taking care of grandkids to them.

  9. Yes absolutely agreed with that. Holiday places, restaurant & activities, all we will try to get the one suit the kids.

  10. depends where is the destination that all of you going.

    I remember when I was kid, me and my siblings + my parent + grandparent went to Sunway Lagoon, it seems that all of us totally enjoying it thou hehe

    different people, different method of enjoying life maybe. you mum prefer to have more peace space then :X