Thursday, May 31, 2012

A lost dog

I was talking with some friends while waiting to pick Jovial up from school last week, I saw a church friend cruising passed me, he did not take notice of me at first, so I thought he would have driven off. Then from far, I saw him making a same round again, he was driving so slowly, by then.

By then, I walked towards him and he stopped, I greeted him and then when I took a look at him, I could sense that he was looking so sad and furrows appeared on his cringed face, I said," Hey Victor, you don't look too good? what happened?" He still sounded sad and said he had just lost his dog.

Frankly speaking, I could sense his despair because once my dog Miko died, it was such a feeling of loss and despair too..After a brief exchange of conversation, I asked how could I help because Jovial school was near to his house where his dog has gone missing.

He then passed me some A4 size notice of "lost dog" the one above, I said to him, I would ask around later...

Armed with the A4 sized notice of 'lost dog" I showed to some friends and it was rather disturbing when almost all of them acted disdainfully as if," I don't have time for this lost dog lah" "who cares about a lost dog ? " and some even  ask about how much the owner would pay, if RM50,found also lazy to give back lah kind of comments.

Now I am wondering, do you think if my friend were to put up a notice such like this, "if found a reward of RM1000 would be given" would this make a difference than this notice of plainly" Reward will be given' ?

P/S : 钱真的能使鬼推磨吗 ?


  1. Eugene,

    Only an animal lovers will know how your friend felt. Why must it always be about reward and $$$ before people wants to help another fellow malaysian? Really don't understand these kind of people. They will know it when it comes to their turn and when they need help.

  2. it can shows how desperate we Malaysians are when $$ is concern.. everyone is living tightening the belt, and jump on opportunity to make $$ out of any situation.. sad but true..

  3. I can understand how your friend felt.. when i lost Jingle Bell, my daschund, my kids and I were sad too.. we went round giving flyers as well, until the market place there where one stall owner was so kind to put my flyer up at his stall... :)
    Some people are concerned while many just shrug off..

  4. it might works .. for RM1k...
    RM1k for some ppl is their whole month salary..
    so maybe he will be busy with lots of call..
    but again there also some caring ppl out there..
    if someone is a billionaire and he is looking for a long lost father.
    I am sure there will lots of ppl willing to be his father .. without any reward......

  5. Many are very money oriented, no money no talk.

  6. pets are considered to be a member of the family... and only those who love animals can understand that. I hope ur friend can find his lost dog soon.. :(

  7. non animal lovers or non pet owners never understood how it feels to lose a beloved pet. when my cats died of diseases, it really hurts me a lot...and even cried at the vet! Only animal lovers understand how it feels to lose a pet, no...a family member.

  8. Yes, unfortunely, this how it works in this world now. No money no talk.
    But I believe there are still alot of good people around. Don't give up!
    Once I realised I've lost my dear hamster in the morning when I was about to leave for work. When I reached office, I applied half day leave so that I could go and look for it. You should have look at my boss's face when I told him the reason why I needed that leave. He gave me that OMG-hamster-only-ma-and-u-need-leave?-You-must-be-kidding-me's face.

    Only pet's owner will know the pain....

  9. in this modern money no talk but it doesn't apply to everyone.

  10. hope your friend can find his doggie soon.

  11. em your friend should post at SPCA Selangor FB or People there are really helpful without asking for return as their are pet lover. Good luck to your friend.

  12. it is sad to hear that dog lost often around my area last time, perhaps I am suspect that there is group of people kidnap dog for living purpose zzz