Monday, January 09, 2012

I am not a poltician...

I am not a politician but I must tell you this, politic is affecting and will be forever affecting not just you but our children for generations to come,so if you think you should wish to remain political ignorant or political impotent,please think of our children.

I can whine,murmur or complain about our current gomen is but if I am not going to do something with the most fundamental "RIGHT" that is so constitutionally bestowed to me in the form of my "voting right"to choose a "gomen" that I deem fit,then it will be so sad.

Just to share this with you, I was having some chats with some friends this morning,we were talking about Anwar sodomy trial and I was telling them that I did not care if Anwar was found guilty or not but what mattered to me most was that I wanted to see the corrupts, the bullies and the bigots booted out. Friends were like in unison with me, saying," Yes yes, BN must go,too long, too corrupt already" then I asked them this....................

" You guys registered as voters already or not?" 2 out of 4 said not yet, I was speechless. As much as I respect their right to abstain from voting,I just felt that they have failed to see beyond themselves that their little abstinence could have great impact on their children,their children's children.

Jokingly, I said to my friends, I said,"Next time,if you see any unfairness in our system,please just blame yourself."

Ever since I first exercised my maiden right in voting,I've always voted against the corrupts,the bullies and the bigots,sadly for so many years, I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel but steadfastly I still voted against BN and now finally I began to see the shimmering light welcoming me at the end of the tunnel.

Note : You don't have to agree with me but you must agree that you must go and vote
P/S : Ain't no mountain high enough


  1. Let's hope we will see a better tomorrow. We have the power to change. If we do nothing then we have no one to blame but ourselves.
    we must see change this coming GE13. It's now or never. We have suffer long enough, our children must not suffer the same fate. We don't expect overnight change, but if we voted wisely that is a start of a new beginingLet's do the right thing. ABU.

  2. Hard to get rid of those corrupts. If everyone join hand and fight against them, it will work, but if they just talk only but still vote for them, then no use. Waste saliva talking to them!!

    Our oppositions is gaining popularity but still not strong enough.

  3. To vote or not is a citizen's right but when that vote counts for better governance hence a better tomorrow, then why not put in that vote.

    Am glad DSAI is acquitted. He said whatever the outcome, winning the next GE is the focus.

  4. I was saying the same topic this morning with my colleagues asking if they are the registered 'voters' but sad to say, many of them are still ignorant on this matter.. sigh..

  5. Eugene is right. Talk is cheap, action is more important.

    Politic should be about ideologies to better human right, health , education and not about race and religions.

    No matter who wins we need to have very strong opposition to keep balance. We cannot have one party rules for too long as it will corrupt everything in sight just to satyin power.

    Sarawak people have no one to blame but themselves for keeping that greedy old crook in power for so long.

  6. When do u think is the election? This year for sure... wonder which month..

  7. My father made me register immediately after I graduated. I voted only once, because the second time I was heavily pregnant. The last time I didn't practice my voting right, I am guilty, but come GE13 I will vote, rain or shine, pregnant or not!

  8. We always say this in Hokkien, this is for your two friends [sorry certain part sensored] "chui kong XXX XXX song" equivalent to talk is cheap.

  9. I have registered the moment I was qualified. My father and my then bf are both against the Libra sign.

  10. I too am to blame as I have never exercised my right to vote. But next time onward, I will!

  11. I owez hoping for the better tmmrw. The gomen now is kinda s***. Dont like especially those who janji kosong, talam 2 muka and corrupt..

    talking and no action. huh.

    still considering whether i want to vote for next GE