Friday, October 14, 2011

My friend and great sex

Okay,I am not dispensing my own sexual "2 cents" on how to have great sex but in actual fact,I am only copying someone's "2 cents" about having great sex,particularly for husband and wife and I am indeed sold to his experience and his steadfast endeavor to having great sex..........hear ye then.

They have been married for about 12 years now,together they'd pledged to keep not only the sacred wedding vows,such as"for sickness and health,for riches and poor or till death do us part" from the early years of their marriage,they have made such a "mutual vow"that....................

Both of them will not allow their "bodies" to go out of proportion ,( Looking at him,I am impressed with his well sculptured body),his wife heads to the gym,(3 times a week),both are runners too.He said he knew from the start that,it is the onus of both husband and wife to "work out"their bodies,akin to the ones "to die for" and he said it was good for having great sex......
(I totally agree with him on the above point)

He was sharing once a while,both the husband and wife besides the impromptu and spur of the moment sex,they would make an appointment to "make out" too,times like,sneak home in the afternoon, or an hour or so before they pick their daughter up from school.
(This one I must try and I think it is kind of fun too)

My friend advised me to learn about the ways of Massage from "Youtube" and he said many husbands just don't know how to "stoke" the sensuality prior to having sex and he reckon that a good massage given to the wife,will result in great sex.He said great sex should not be"ambil,tolak, masuk and picit"
(Again, I agree)

Say the "sexy words" when having sex,he advised is good,words like" you're good, I want more, don't stop till i get enough" he believes these words will make our partner feel that they are wanted and appreciated.
(okay,Ben,must learn to holler out sexily now)

His last advice...........if you want to be a good lover,don't be a SMOKER.
(yup,, nobody wants to be kissed by an ashtray)

Okay,now I shall stop and thank you my friend Ben for the sexy tips...........and wishing us a great sex weekend..........

P/S : Sex should not be mundane,it should be fun till the end


  1. wow Eugene. thanks for sharing. tell me how it goes,
    hope it goes well. point no. 2 both partner must agreed. I remember reading in a news report (happen in spore if I recall correctly)where the husband keep calling the wife up in the afternoon for sex to the point of harassment. it becomes an obsession for the husband. such shouldnt be the case.

  2. Wow, great sharing ya.
    Happy weekend to you~

  3. I agree with all points. :)

    And what is important that sex should be enjoyed by both hubby and wife.


    hahahah Eugene, great post I must say XD

    Preparing myself for the future XD

    hahah happy weekend bro!!! wink wink...

  5. Thanks for sharing the sexy tips ;-)

  6. I agree with point number #1, #2, #3 and #5. Hehehehe, basically all I agree la!

  7. Thanks for the sharing and its a good tips to the husband and wife out there..and to the future to be ..wink2..

  8. That's y some couple are getting a divorce while others still can hold hand till the end of the world =)

    Great post Eugene!

  9. Oh yes totally agree on the last part... about the smoking part. No girl wants to kiss a smoker either (or at least think twice about it). ooo someone's getting lucky this weekend!!! Whohoooo!

  10. Oh Quickie in the afternoon! No wonder my ex bozz always spent more than 2 hours for lunch at home said worry about his little girl might climb high and low. Wife is working and he got a maid aha..

  11. Great info... and educational too.. hahaha...

  12. Eugene, so after the COLD war you had HOT battle deep into the night...
    Good for you guys !

  13. Best advice ever: Do not smoke.

    ;) I've been hanging to this principle since forever!

    Happy Saturday, Eugene.

  14. agreed..nobody likes 'smoky' mouth..

  15. Eugene, today's topic fit your blog' name well! Great tips on staying sexy! :D

  16. Eugene, totally agree on all points especially the last one. Must email this entry to my hubb now. Kekekeke!

  17. Interesting tips bro....waiting to hear on your progress when we meet up...btw, I'll be there from the 14th Nov to the 16th Nov...Will be staying at Hard mobile is 0123316831....looking forward to that beer (or beers) ..hahahaha...and yes...both Ryan and Chenya will be there ....