Sunday, October 16, 2011

Corporate Greed.........

Seriously speaking,I never believed that this "Occupy Wall Street" movement could spring forth such a "domino effect" that resulted the same "Occupy this and occupy that" across the globe.............

May be the time has come, the general public are so disgusted with the corporate Greed, where when multi million corporations go under,all they need is to ask the government to bail them out with public money and those CEOs can still be compensated with million of dollars.

Just imagine,how angry can we be, for instance, a lay man like you and me,out of hunger,walk into a convenient store and steal a pack of instant noodle,the next thing you know,you are booked,probably be put behind bar..................

But for those corporate honchos,when they screw up illegally, losing millions of dollars,they can be scot free and probably spending their lives in somewhere basking in the sea,sun and fun.......

May be just like the uprising of the"Arab Spring"the people are just too fed up and angry already,they say enough is enough..................Now it got me thinking,, do we have high profile stinking scandals here in our land that involved millions upon millions "people money being eaten up by greed of a few people ? and those involved are like saying this."It looks like me,sounds like me but i think it is not me" Or " I cannot remember already, no idea ,I forget"...and now I am angry too.

In US,they used to be happy cos they've got Johnny Cash,Bob Hope and Steve Jobs, now they are angry cos they have got no cash, no jobs and no hope.................

P/S : Change is good..................


  1. Ever since I watched "In pursuit of happiness", I could feel how helpless to be out cashless, jobless and homeless. I could also understand how angry and frustrated they are when they see those greedy & unethical people out there spending lavishly...on somebody else's money. Therefore, can't blame them to start the movement.

    In our country, I'm angry too because there're so many greedy people (especially politicians) with No 'Seed', No Heart and No Shame.

  2. We need to let the politicians know we "CONTROL" them and not they control us.
    The police and army are here to protect our rights and freedom. They are not here to protect the greedy politicians' bank accounts.
    In USA they have the right to carry gun because they know they cannot trust any politicians and armed forces.

  3. Money is the root of all evil...but unfortunately, money talks and unfortunately, everyone has his price - that's human nature.

  4. serious talk here.. Hmm, the world is going into depression again. Sad times

  5. Hear hear!

    Stats show that the divide between the haves and the have-nots are growing wider, even here in our country. And the govt is not helping by using (read robbing) taxpayers money to bail out corporations whose governance leaves much to be desired. Indeed, the more we know, the more we don't know.

    Back to 'Occupy Wall Street', joining the demonstration is one thing but destroying property and threatening lives like what happened in Rome is not helping.

    Money is not the root of all evil. It is the human mind that is the problem.