Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please don't kill our sons....

I am a father,I have two wonderful boys,they are ever so wonderful,albeit at times damn naughty but it is fine by me. You see teenagers are prone to make mistakes, some of them can be "kuai lan" (mischievous) but with all said and done wrongly or rightly,please..........

Please leave the children out of politic, we really don't have to stoop so low to kill off our political foes by bringing down your foes' children,do we? The least the adults should do is to build up,edify and encourage our children,instead of "killing them off" with dirty tactics.....

If you feel like getting even,or reclaiming your lost grounds,fight it like a man, fight with the fathers and not the daughters or the sons of the fathers or mothers.

I really don't want to know if it was a truth or a malicious lie, as far as I am concerned children should really be cordoned off from politic, what more he is only a 16 years old boy( I watched my first porn when I was 15),it just can't be worse than a president of a certain political party watching a porn at the same time cheating on his own wife and expecting us to trust him to bring us good,can it?

Malaysia is a wondeful country,we need to bring up children with intergrity,trustworthiness and dignity. please do not ruin them with senseless,ruthless attacks and most disgusted manners. I am very sad to read such news...

Note: I am beginning to hate BN to the bone...

P/S : Change will do us good ... Biarpun buah pala ataupun buah dada, ia tak sekeji,berbanding dengan orang dewasa yang tak berotak


  1. I heard this news today too.. and I goes wonder.. what has it got to be like if he is not the politician's son? it will just be as natural as anyone who get caught dating in school!! For goodness sake, these Morons didn't even have a good 'leader'!!! sigh sigh.. Ok, tomorrow my office will get busier..

  2. gosh..i m outdated.. i better go read newspaper now..

  3. Must be some news again...didn't check Malaysian papers lately. Let me check it out. However, lets protect the children!

  4. I have no idea whats going on (yet). Will see what going on tomorrow in the office. or you can drop me a link of where to read :D

    Tho I dont know the whole story but roughly I know whats going on and yes I do agree with what you said.


  5. bro, got link? I'm so out of touch too :(

  6. It rubs off from parent to children...usually but not in my case...or maybe I take after my mother, not my father.

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  8. I was very angry when I read that article. BN is so bankrupt with ideas and has always resort to dirty tactics to fight the opposition. The latest of attacking LGE through his son is lowest any human can go. Really shameful act. It's time the People especially those from Penang show them the exit. Please stand by your Chief Minister and support him. Next Ge do vote wisely. We want a clean government and responsible polictitian who can serve the people ,not corrupted leaders who only wants to stay in power using dirty means even runing down another fellow malaysian. It's time for change

  9. Hey what's going on in Tanjung? Have stopped buying badnewspaper for donkey years and not heard of any news so from Mango and even The Star online pun elek.

  10. Hrm... no link to the news? I'm also backdated now...

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  11. Yesterday I read 50 over comments in Malaysiakini condemning KJ.

    Can't believe that guy was from Oxford! Guess he used money to get a place there?? Such a low class fella. Pui!!!

    I hate that BN's "Timbang" logo so much. Better timbang baik-baik before we vote!

    All of us should learn to be GOOD ADULT (好大人)。

  12. Trust our Bolehland political parties to constantly get into the limelight for all the wrong reasons....! sigh...

  13. Err, what news? Gosh, I'm so outdated (or maybe not sensitive to politic issue) :p

  14. I am outdated also . . . RM 3 for lunch or China Little 2 years old got ram by 2Van . . . that is latest news I got . . .


    for the Movie I posted . . . it is a screening hosted by Nuffnang and ChurpChurp :) feel free drop by Nuffnang Home Page and get more information about it! CHeers buddy!

  15. What's the story about? Need to read it.

  16. tQ HappySurfer for the link ah...poli-ticks..shaking out their fleas again...

  17. I have always hated BN to the bone!

  18. I agreed we should leave kids
    out of politic. But Tiab's 40 and 50 years old kids are the exception :)
    The most important thing we have now in Malaysia is there is still a little freedom in expressing ourselves. When push come to shove and things get desperate in BN they will tighten up the media and internet..and we will be like Syria, Libya ,Egypt, Tunisia.
    The government's role is to protect its citizens and not protecting the ruling parties's business and political interests.

  19. Hi Eugene, well spoken. I fully agree.
    The worst crooks and liars on this planet are politicians.
    They speak with a forked tongue.
    They don't practice what they preach, but more interested in lining their pockets.
    I have yet to see a poor politician....

    And sometimes wonder how they can live beyond their salaries....and wives wearing diamond rings worth millions.
    Can sure sniff salt fish somewhere.
    Yu stay easy and keep well.