Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What say you...........................?

Some say.... send your teen boys or girls to any seminars,(religious based or not) let the pastors,let the motivators,let the chief monks or let the abbots challenge them to abstain from anything sex, just teach them self control and they will be all right,even if they are exposed to all this stuff.

By the way,I hate those fellas who asked your opinion and turn around and telling you that you were damn wrong......hello you asked for my opinion and wrong or right,it is still my opinion,, issit not?

So,what do you think?

P/S : Now we say we can,what about when we were once teen?


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  2. I'm a buddhist but i let my 2 elder kids attend a sex seminar organized by a pastor's wife for kids 10 years and above. They were instilled with some very good value. However, I think parents play an important role to let kids know the consequences of "teenage sex & pregnancy etc". No choice lah... i used some fear psychology, i even told my daughter "please don't expect kakak to take care of the baby... you gotta drop out of school... blah blah blah..."

    When my hubby was studying in NUS, it's compulsory for the undergraduates to watch a video on "ABORTION". Until now he can still remember those horror scenes!!!

  3. I think if they are taught good values when young it will stay with them. This is something cannot be forced on them.

  4. yalah, i dislike those kind of people too. thats why it's called an opinion, because it's YOUR take on the issue.

  5. I agree with Johnnie. You shit, you clean it up yourself - you must not push it to others. So be it people in the church or the temple or the masjid...or the teachers in the schools, they can help - for reinforcement...but the responsibility is the parents'.

  6. i thik the best seminar or course to send the kids to is "learn how to speak in front of the public" somehow eventually one day they will face that, and imagine turning ice cold there :p.