Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is so enticing....is it not?

Had a coffee with my church member the other day,we were then talking about business,investment and economy,suddenly this friend asked me if I did any of the so called "gold investment" i said none.

He then told me that he was about to invest some money in one company dealing with gold bars,which comes in the form of 3 month contractual basis and which also guarantees a 2 % ROI on your investment every month renewable every 3 months.

Coincidentally the company that my church friend wanted to invest in,is owned by a friend of mine too,so my church friend was telling me that the owner was making handsome return month in and month out,if I was not convinced I could verify with the owner.

When my friend asked me if I was interested to join him in that particular investment,which he was honest to concede that he would override a certain commission from my investment too.

Now a sane mind would tell you that this is a very good investment that literally gives you a guaranteed 24 % ROI per year,compared to the 3 to 4 % of FD ROI and you actually hold a physical god bar with the weight commensurate with the amount invested.

Now the question,can it be so good to be true or otherwise for I haven't got a clue and too be frank I am not kind of convinced.....

P/S : I am okay with risk but not so if it was a cheat


  1. Haha they always sound so convincing. I have no idea if its true or not but if it were up for me to choose, I will decline the offer just because its not my cup of tea.

    I have no knowledge of whatsoever about this gold bar industry and someone sounds so convincing came into the picture and i straight away jump into the bandwagon? not likely to happened.

    Haha, I'm a skeptic... try dig for some more info. If its really worth it, then go ahead ^^

  2. Price way too high now, risky. Was advised by a friend in 2007 to invest in gold...but I'm always chicken - don't dare take risks. That's why will always stay poor... :(

  3. Yes..this is the trend nowadays.. i have heard of it too and a few of my friends have actually invested... the gold bars are with them too..put safely under bank and when expire, they take them back to the company to redeem their cash back, meanwhile they have earned the 2% interest...
    But the thing is, are we game enough to invest?

  4. I am a type of person, very coward with investment, I will rather dig a hole at my backyard and put the money inside.

  5. After made some lost in my unit trust, I become more kiasi and careful when dealing with investment. Well you got to do some homework and monitor the market and your account. Else get a good and trust able one to monitor for you.

  6. I'm not a risk taker.... Don't count me in this kind of business.

  7. I think gold investment exist since last year, if starting a last year with a risk taker like you, you can say yes.

    Right now this moment I think got alot of people invested on gold bar already, and It is hard to say yes right now. :)

  8. entah lah saw a lot of these gold investment cmpanies opening booth at hypermarket

  9. do they have a minimum amount to invest? maybe you can start off with the least amount and then see how it goes for the first 3 months..at least 3 months renewable period is not that scary..if it's not worth, then just quit. They are your church members right? they cant run away from you..ha!

  10. if it's strictly gold investment, the upside of gold price is probably limited, now that it's at an all-time high. i myself would hold back.

    watch out also for people asking you to buy into palm oil & bird nest ventures. very dubious!