Tuesday, September 13, 2011

刘 家 昌... Thanks for the memories

I spent my Mid Autumn evening glued to the dummy set last night with my lovely wife,drifting and lost in the beautiful rendition of oldies by 刘 家 昌 and his guest artists on Monday evening,his Kaoshiung concert aired over Astro,those songs were redolent of sweet memories.

I was literally captured body and soul with those oldies playing and etching in my mind,may be it has got to do a thing or two with age, suddenly I just felt 刘 家 昌 was anytime better than JB, and the likes of Katy Pery and selena Gomez.

It was so nice to see man his age belted out his masterpieces with zest,feeling and even a concert with no frills such like this, it was truly awesome.


P/S : 巨星中的巨星


  1. I like 刘 家 昌's song too. If I weren't at my PIL's house, I would watch this program too. Remember? I mentioned before that I like oldies. My kids can sing 海鸥 too.

  2. Those were the days seeing Liu Chia Chang and Cheng Cheng in movies and hearing his songs.

  3. em,, thanks for the share, even though i dont really know him

  4. I have recorded but not yet watch. 海鸥is one of my favourite songs too! 刘家昌is truly good.